Nunavut Housing Corporation

Nunavut Housing Corporation

Created in 2000 through the Nunavut Legislature by the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation (Nunavut) Act, the Corporation’s mandate as a Public Agency of the Government of Nunavut (GN) is to create, coordinate and administer housing programs to provide fair access to a range of affordable housing options to families and individuals in Nunavut.

Organization Type:
Government and Agency - Provincial and Territorial
Repository Name: 
Nunavut Housing Corporation

affordable housing, annual reports), corporate reports (business plans

Date range of documents: 
Inuktitut/English, Inuinnaqtun/French
Format of repository and documents: 

Under the Corporate tab are located the Corporation’s Annual Reports and Business Plans in full text PDF versions, arranged chronologically. Reports are available from 2000/2001 onwards.

Geographic focus: 
Intended audience: 
Citizens of Nunavut

Contact information

Street address: 
PO Box 1000
Arviat, Nunavut X0C 1H0

Main phone number: 
Main fax number: 

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