Canadian Roofer Contractors Association (CRCA)

Canadian Roofer Contractors Association (CRCA)

CRCA is the national voice of the Canadian roofing industry. It was formed in 1960 for unity between and a co-operative effort on the part of roofing contractors from coast to coast in Canada. It consists of companies actively engaged in Canada in the roofing and related sheet metal contracting business, along with companies engaged in manufacturing or supplying materials and services used in any branch of the roofing and sheet metal industry.

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Canadian Roofer Contractors Association (CRCA)


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English, French
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Documents are accessed from the menu at the top of the home page under the following categories and sub-categories:

1. News – upcoming CRCA events.
2. Archive – presentations from previous conferences and seminars.
3. Technical – a series of technical bulletins related to roofing installation.
4. Items for Sale – a number of publications that can be purchased from the CRCA.
5. Career Site – for finding jobs and employees – this is restricted to members only.

In the middle of the home page are a number of other access points for documents:

1. Careers in Roofing –
• Apprenticeship Information for Prospective Roofers;
• Pre-Apprenticeship Training For Roofers;
• Canadian Roofing Reference Manual;
• Industry Research and Reports.

2. Information on upcoming seminars and conferences

Documents are free in PDF or HTML format, with the exception of the Items for Sale, which are priced, print documents.

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roofing industry

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Canadian Roofing Contractors' Association
2430 Don Reid Drive #Suite 100
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 1E1

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Canadian Roofing Contractors' Association
2430 Don Reid Drive #Suite 100
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 1E1

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(613) 232-6724

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